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At Safyah Solutions our goal is to empower businesses to achieve their goals as economically as possible. We do so by choosing tools with the widest possible reach. We develop cross platform software solutions with React Native and Web to allow you to target iOS, Android and Web with a single codebase, sharing both UI and business logic.
We build for scale at the database level with tools like Supabase and serverless databases like Cloudflare d1.
And you can be confident that you application can grow to millions of users by deploying to Cloud platforms like Vercel and Cloudflare.
Selfhosting image
Self-hosting supabase on Ubuntu and Digital Ocean
Supabase is primarily a cloud-based service for building application backends with PostgreSQL However it’s built on open-source tools and offers a way for users to host the service on their own servers.
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What our clients say
We have worked with Safyah Solutions on various projects over the past eight years. They have consistently delivered a professional, technically-strong coding service and we highly recommend them for your web and native app development
Haz Samuel
Island Vibe
Island Vibe
Island Vibe is a universal React Native application for streaming Caribbean radio stations. It runs on iOS, Android and the Web via NextJS.
UI code is shared between all platforms. The cross platform navigation is facilated by the Solito library by Fernando Rojo.
Database and Auth is provided by Supabase
Island Vibe
Yes Text Me!
Yes, Text Me provides automated messaging services to clients. It's built with NodeJS / Firebase / PostgreSQL on the backend and React for the client.
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