Social Media Winners in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines for 2016

The usage of social media tools has become pervasive in recent times in St.Vincent. You’d be hard-pressed to come across an organisation that doesn’t have at least a Facebook page. Many of these organisations do not even possess a website but with the reach of Facebook and its billions of users, a website is hardly a necessity in order to reach your target audience.

But while most organisations have a Facebook presence, the effectiveness of its use varies. In this post I would like to highlight a few of those entities that have been getting great value out of their use of social media marketing.

I-Witness News

This online newspaper is pretty much a household name in St.Vincent and is probably the most liked/followed Vincentian Facebook page with over 41,000 likes. The use of Facebook and Information Technology has been a staple of this entity since its inception and continues. This year, it has incorporated the use of Facebook live videos to satisfy people’s desire for news as it happens.


Searchlight, one of the nation’s most popular printed newspapers has in recent years been making a great push into the online news market. Its Facebook page is very popular with over 25000 likes. It also makes great use of Facebook live to broadcast news as it happens. One minor drawback to the online efforts is that full access to the newspaper’s articles requires a paid account from its website but the quality of its content may be worth the price for many.

Hot97.1 SVG

Widely regarded as the most popular radio station in St.Vincent, Hot 97 has always had a strong online presence. At one point its website had a forum that was like a social network unto itself. However, that feature was dropped in an update to the site, maybe in an attempt to divert resources to its social media efforts which are going quite well with over 26,000 likes on Facebook and over 12,000 followers on Twitter. It focuses mainly on sharing local, regional and international entertainment news.


Maurice John, founder of M. John IT Solutions, has used social media to great effect. He uses it to create anticipation and awareness of upcoming products/projects. A great example of this was the nothing will be the same campaign to officially launch CaribiDreams, an innovative real estate company incorporating drone technology and artificial intelligence. This is in addition to various mobile apps and businesses ventures. One wonders where he finds the time and energy to accomplish all he has but it’s certainly inspiring to see a young Vincentian with the passion and ambition to marshal his own and the talents and skills of others to achieve great things.

Jamal Browne

Jamal Browne
Jamal Browne

Jamal Browne is one of the most distinguished sons of our Vincentian soil. He uses social media to promote his projects and build his brand. Well spoken and photogenic, he connects easily with his audience and his posts frequently amass hundreds of reactions(likes). We empathised with him through the challenging road to achieving his PhD and we root for him as he embarks on another grand endeavour to visit 32 countries in 6 continents to promote land rights.

Jerry George

For many people, the day hasn’t yet begun until they’ve turned into Jerry George’s “Early in the morning programme” where he uses Facebook live to broadcast his views on various issues affecting us here in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.


Honourable Mentions: NEMO, CSWA, Vinlec did a pretty good job of using social media to disseminate warnings and keep the public up-to-date during the frequent weather events during the year.

So there you have it, a few entities for whom 2016 hasn’t been so bad. Certainly, they aren’t the only ones. Who are the other social media masters in St.Vincent?

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